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Portimão is a Portuguese town (Portuguese: cidade) located in the District of Faro in the Region of Algarve, the southern coast of Portugal. It was formerly known as Vila Nova de Portimão. In 1924, it was incorporated as a cidade and became known merely as Portimão. The town has 45,000 inhabitants and the Portimão Municipality has 52,000 (as of 2006). The two most populous towns in the Algarve are Portimão and Faro.

Portimão is ideally situated for exploring the Algarve, a region truly unique in its diversity. The coast consists of sandy beaches, magnificent colored rock formations, caves and protected nature reserves like Ria Formosa, Ria de Alvor and Costa Vicentina Park where migrating birds make their stopover amidst an undisturbed environment of indigenous flora and fauna. The southern coastal area, developed with tourism in mind, has a wide range of daytime activities and a vibrant nightlife to offer whereas the interior presents a more relaxed way to spend the day. Caldas de Monchique is a perfect example.

The beautiful scenery and traditional villages in the hinterland should not be forgotten. Admire the local arts and crafts, try the homemade bread, smoked ham "presunto"and sausages "chorizo” accompanied by the special mountain firewater ”medronho”, distilled from arbutus berries. The historic past of the Algarve, Roman and Arab occupation followed by its integration in the Portuguese kingdom, is shown in the many museums or, better still, by a visit to historical sites like the Castle and Cathedral in Silves or the Cape Vicente and Henry the Navigator’s fort in Sagres.

Summertime is clearly the busiest time of the year but the mild climate of the Algarve, and many sunny winter days attract a multinational crowd in all seasons, exploring the regional markets, visiting interesting places, strolling along the river boulevard or just sipping a drink in a garden bar. Golfenthusiasts are drawn by an exceptional choice of first class golf courses and comfortable, pleasant resorts like Quarteira, Portimão and Vilamoura. Especially during the tourist season, there are many concerts, festivals and fairs to enjoy. The highlight of the summer is probably the sardine festival, a popular annual event that lasts a whole week. It is held in the Valhalla of sardine culture in the Algarve: Portimão.